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eddy crowley, artist, graphic design, irish art, abstract art, ulster art, northern ireland art

Welcome to the gallery site of creative Eddy Crowley.

The gallery and my 9 project sites below represent 21 years of my life, covering the vast majority of my creative output. 1997 to 2018.

I hope you enjoy browsing the gallery and that you might find something you like, I can also arrange signed prints of my canvas artwork.

Please contact me by email

The image below links to the gallery propper.

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For posters of my art click below:

prints, eddy crowley



Over the past 3 years my creative take has been biro on A4 paper, doing sketches and brain storming ideas

for production. Below are 9 of my other web sites, the best of my concepts that have a chance of making it

into production. These sites are still being developed, but are at a presentable stage, so please take a look

with that in mind, any feedback is very welcome.

eddy crowley

My project sites are listed below:

Click on logo graphics to view sites.


police, garda, fashion, tee shirts









Please like my Face Book page and leave feedback :


Thankyou for visiting the site, I hope you enjoyed the content, any comments welcome




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